Abso Lutely Insane: Eric Andre Explained

As a follow up to the Legalize Ranch Rally piece, I felt you fine readers might also enjoy a more in depth look at the man behind the movement: Eric Andre. Truth be told, what you’re seeing is what you get. When he talks about ranch, he is talking literally about ranch dressing. If you hear anyone talk about investigating 311, they are referring to the band that was once popular before you grew your first pubes. That being said…311 never happened.

Eric is carrying on a storied legacy that has been built since Adult Swim’s inception in 2001 of doing the most with the least. Hence why everything you see on his show seems like a local public access station produced it. Keeping the budget about as low as possible, The Eric Andre Show satires the format of every late night talk show ever by doing the opposite of what you’re supposed to do during an interview. Each of his guests is tortured in a physical and psychological way for our and their amusement. The show’s producers siphon the discomfort, distress, and sometimes anger for entertainment purposes and I think it’s wonderful. But what does that have to do with Eric? Well, for one, it is his brain child.

He’s said that if you were to hook up a tube to his head, that is what you would see; according to his IndieWire interview. Partly inspired by his love for mania and chaos like GG Allin, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and Gregg Turkington (aka Neil Hamburger) to name a few, the Eric Andre Show pushes the limits of comedy. Combined with the deadpan delivery from co-star Hannibal Burress, the two have created four seasons of unmistakable madness.

Many of the pranks and on the street bits are becoming more difficult due to his rising popularity, however I believe that this will not be the last we see of Eric Andre after his talk show runs its course. In fact for the sake of everyone over the age of forty I hope he trolls the baby-boomer generation right into the grave. I’ll admit that was a little dark, but come on, someone has to do it.

Confusion, awkward energy, and general depravity are the fuel for any great show that has appeared on Adult Swim. True to form, Abso Lutely Productions (see Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job!) birthed something totally over the head of the public. And by public I mean anyone who goes to bed at a reasonable hour.

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