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I’m Too Sexy For My Job

What do you (for work)?

It’s a question we all ask or are asked, quite regularly. If you are a part of the whole mobile app dating scene (e.g. Grindr, Christian Mingle, Black People Meet, etc.) you can almost bet your first born that will come up within the first few lines of conversation.

Now whether you realize it or not we judge people pretty damn hard on the answer to this question. Let’s break down a few of the typical reactions when learning someone’s profession:


Now let me ask you this: does it really matter what people think? Maybe. One issue with our generation is we are always looking for the next best thing and that “dream job” is no exception. You know, the sexy job that when you tell people about it their jaw drops and they immediately want take you to the bathroom and give you an old fashioned? Yea that job. Well to be honest, most of us, including myself, will never find that job because it A.) Doesn’t exist B.) Would never support my vices or C.) Is illegal.

So instead of wasting all of your time and energy searching, interviewing, moving from job to job in search of that unicorn, try focusing on a job that:

· Pays you enough to party on the weekends and make some bad decisions
· That challenges you more than first grade did
· Has a boss and co-workers that don’t make you want to swan dive out a window
· Provides enough flexibility so you work from home when you are hungover as fuck
· Isn’t affiliated with any terrorist organizations or Donald Trump

…That’s the dream job you should be looking for. The sooner you put this all into perspective the sooner you can start enjoying life, you know that thing you do when you aren’t chained to your desk. Hell, you may already have that “dream job.”