The Cast of Hamilton Needs to Slow their Roll

Every day I pack my thermos and brown paper bag, kiss the old ball and chain and head down to the pit to mine some big data. I work...

Every day I pack my thermos and brown paper bag, kiss the old ball and chain and head down to the pit to mine some big data. I work for an international consulting juggernaut with clout, synergies and a shit ton of economies of scale. Sure they have name recognition, but do I ever use that to spread my own political agenda? No, no I don’t.

“I put my pants on one leg at a time, except once my pants are on I calc gold vlookups.”

Meet the cast of Hamilton, the new “it” girl on Broadway. It’s harder to get tickets to this musical than it is to find Hillary’s 30,000 emails. But I digress. This weekend, VP-elect Mike Pence was in the audience to take in a night of culture and laughter. Little did he know there was a metaphorical John Wilkes Booth armed with political statements lurking on the stage for him.

Full disclosure: Mike Pence is, as mama in the Water Boy would say, THE DEVIL.


He’s arguably scarier than Donald Trump and menace to the fabric of our society. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s return to our regularly scheduled programming.

I don’t have any qualms with the first amendment, hell its my second favorite behind the 21st. It’s the Godfather 2 of Amendments. But there is a place and a time to exercise your right to free speech and your right to peacefully protest.

Do like the OG’s of protest: sit down on PUBLIC buses, be dirty smelly hippies that don’t understand the economy in PUBLIC parks near Wall Street and take to PUBLIC street corners with signs that make the rest of us question humanity. But don’t use, for lack of a better word, the big stage, that you are paid to be on to make any sort of political plea, whether it was correct or not. If you got into an Uber Pool with Mike Pence and the driver was lecturing the VP elect on diversity and inclusion, he’d be working for Lyft quicker than you can say “death to the taxi cab.” Or what if a pizza faced movie theater attendant stood up in front of a showing of Madagascar 6 that Mike Pence was attending to spread the good word about racial inequality? He’d go the way of Blockbuster Video faster than you can rewind a VHS in one of those car shaped rewinders.

My point being that there is a place and a time. I don’t use my companies global presence to spread my personal political views and neither does 99.9% of America. Just look at Twitter profiles: “All views are my own and do not represent my Employer.” Just because San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks who ride the pine or skilled theatre actors who can rap have a skill so niche they have unprecedented job security and a wide reaching forum to display their personal thoughts, it doesn’t mean they should.

And even if management approved this political stunt, consider being in the audiences shoes (excluding Mike Pence) …

Play-goers and husbands that were dragged against their will to this well-rehearsed water boarding with dramatic flair deserve better. They paid upwards of $500 and their first born to get away from the kids, possibly get their significant other drunk enough to make some poor choices and escape the tumult of the current political climate. And just when you think it’s time to head home, a politically charged statement is shoved down your throat.

I don’t disagree with what the cast of Hamilton said. At all. Equality for all is the only option we have going forward. Maybe I’m just bitter because I haven’t been able to get tickets to an 8:45 AM Wednesday show, let alone a matinee … but you’re doing too much cast of Hamilton, do less. Whether you like it or not you’re alienating certain individuals who support Mike Pence which is a direct contradiction to what you want. Protest outside of your show in your free time, take to the interwebs, but check your personal agenda at the door of your place of employment.

Not cool, not cool at all. Go home cast of Hamilton, you’re drunk.

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