Castro’s dead and Fuck you if you’re not happy about that

Last Friday in a celebration of rampant, unrestrained capitalism, millions of people fought like jackals over a carcass for “deals” that retailers have been baiting them with for several weeks, while unbeknownst to them one of capitalism’s biggest and loudest objectors was doing something he should have done fifty years ago.

He was dying.


Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz finally, albeit much too late, joined his Communist comrades in hell at about 10:30pm on November 25, 2016.  When those prison wardens that call themselves a government broke the news, many people rejoiced, as one would expect from those who have just received word that a man who tortured and executed political dissidents in the thousands, stripped citizens of individual freedoms and rights, enrolled gays in “reeducation camps,” and selfishly held an entire country hostage in a state of starvation and poverty in the hopes that his social ideology might manifest into the perverted fantasy he’d been harboring for half a century is now dead. Cubans in America that fled the nightmare Castro created joined one another in a joyous release of all the terror and hopelessness he gave them for so long.  Cubans still in Cuba found a shred of optimism that perhaps they might wake to a country that no longer existed in a chronological purgatory, devoid of contemporary political thought but still able to have its coercive brand of governance disseminated and enforced upon its citizens through twenty first century technology.  Families thought of reunions decades in the making, parents thought of being able to shed the anxiety of raising a child in a world where the entire country is literate but starving.  Those who witnessed the hell he put the Cuban people through knew his death was a celebration of the end of one of the worst, most dangerous dictators and political thinkers in the 20th century.  

And then there were these people.

This is just a drop in the bucket of ideological idiocy that Twitter and other social media and news publications published in a contest to see who could toss out the freshest turd of out of touch commentary offensive not only to the people who were forced to suffer under Castro’s regime, but to everyone who has sacrificed themselves or their efforts for legitimate government, free and individual government that doesn’t imprison its objectors.  All day out of touch morons took to the Internet to apologize for a man who kept a country in the dark ages purely out of his hatred for what he thought the United States stood for.  

“But the literacy rate is 99%”

Yeah. How many laureates starved to death in the streets of Havana because they couldn’t read up enough meals to keep themselves alive?  

“Cubans have universal healthcare”

If the President told you tomorrow that we were going to have a universal toilet, and it was going to be one shitter located behind the Rose Garden, would the idea of universal plumbing suddenly be so grand?  Because that’s what Cuba’s healthcare is.  It’s a shitter in the Rose Garden.  

“He stood up against Apartheid and the struggle for nationalists in Africa”

This is hands down the stupidest one I’ve read yet.  I’m sorry, but if you’re black and you think for one second that any of those leaders during the Afro Nationalist movement, or Fidel Castro for that matter, give two flying shits about you, you’re more delusional than Kim Kardashian waiting on an acceptance letter from MIT.  None of those people got into the government game for noble causes.  It wasn’t because of the big bad racists like Oprah would have you believe.  It was because they had aspirations of coming to power and they realized that could never be achieved in a country that still castes its citizens according to the color of their skin.  Their disdain for apartheid and colonialism went as far as this.

  1. Apartheid hindered their ability to wrest control from the contemporary leaders.
  2. Colonialism insured that someone with immensely more resources than they would retain power, thus making it nearly impossible for them to exploit their own small countries unless they wanted to take on some of the World’s superpowers.
  3. Somebody’s reaping all the benefits of operating a corrupt government, and it’s not them, and that ain’t gonna fly.  Better disguise my plans to strip mine this country and its people for my personal benefit as a noble fight against racist hierarchy. 

But I digress.  The point here is that to imprint Fidel Castro having warm fuzzies toward other government transfers of power that occurred in the 20th century because he hates racism is to not only be overtly apologetic and lionizing of a man documented executing political dissidents, but it’s complicating an issue that can likely be solved with the simple conclusion that Fidel enjoyed these occurrences because he hated the Western World, something also well documented.

Communism is a disease.  A filthy, parasitic disease of the mind that robs an individual of their ambition and their optimism and replaces it with jealousy, laziness, contempt, and helplessness.  It takes all the able bodied intelligent minded people of a society and tells them that not only are their talents not to be celebrated, but neither are the efforts of their existence.  It demands people reconcile the decadence of a totalitarian few amongst the poverty of the whole.  Communism takes a person’s life before they ever live it.  It slashes potential at the knees to bring it down and break it so it can be exploited for the needs of tyrants masquerading as benevolent benefactors, stewards of everyone’s essentials.  There truly is nothing worse than a Communist, because in that Communist is a belief rooted in the fundamental hypocrisy that they themselves are far too superior to demonstrate survivable effort in the world, that should instead be the task of those around of them in the spirit of fairness and egalitarianism.  Those that would have you believe that Castro was anything more than a thief, a looter who pirated the lives of Cuba’s citizens, are doing so because they are free to live in a country that affords them the ability to indulge in the fantasy that should the world turn to Communism, they would still be able to hand their philosophical expertise from on high through iOS on their phones.  

How many Cubans do you see making excuses for their gracious leader? None?

That’s because he’s not the capitalist fighting Republican bashing wet dream that the news pundits and edgy social media trolls think he is.  He’s just one despot who managed to retain his power longer than most because the country he seized is geographically and demographically favorable for those looking to find a totalitarian’s paradise.  They flock to Castro because they imagine him taking on Bush and Rove and all the other greedy GOP members who only care about their profits.  They think if they go to Cuba it’ll be a paradise where everyone makes exactly the same amount of money (they do, it’s Zero) and no one is ever greedy or mean to anyone.  They shut out the fact that every Communist country attempted has failed in a horrific amount of casualties, because they’re too busy imagining their little workers’ paradise where the greedy Mr. Burns finally stops taking advantage of poor Homer.  

Fidel Castro’s death is a reminder of the horrible capacity of the brain of Man.  It’s not the tragic passing of a complex iconic figure, it’s not the sudden death of a trailblazing leader, and it’s sure as hell not the extinguishing of the torch of one of the warriors of justice for the little people.  It’s cause for celebration and motivation to once and for all ride the world of the worst atrocity in our planet’s history.