Hangover Club

Hangover Club (NYC): A Brutally Honest Review

When the kind miracle workers over at Hangover Club invited me to come and try out their elixir of life, I was skeptical to say the least …


  • What was this snake-oil they were putting in my body?
  • Who were these medicine-men (or women) puncturing my veins?
  • And most importantly, was it going to work?

I don’t like to give ringing endorsements out to just anyone who gives me free product, but this sh*t legitimately works. And take it from a guy who has tried every hangover cure in the books: drinking vodka WATERS, chugging Pedialyte and those gas-station pills that were likely filled with arsenic and saw dust.

If you want to follow my full story, click here to relive the night of debauchery and my rise from the dead.

The actual Center for Hangover Control (CHC), if you will, was Alchemist Kitchen in the Lower East Side of NYC. Think of it a medical marijuana dispensary in a state that can’t legally sell the magic dragon. It’s filled with healthy sh*t I would never think of putting in my body (think: chia seeds, lavendar and other holisitc medicine) but probably should. I felt healthier already …

Keep in mind that Hangover Club does mostly house calls – yes you heard that right, your lazy ass doesn’t even need to leave your couch to get rid of a hangover.

My nurse, Kate, was bomb.com. I’m more scared of needles than that guy in Saw 17 who gets thrown in the needle pit, but from the onset she assured me she was a legit nurse (although I didn’t ask for ID). The environment was super clean and had that sterile doctor’s office smell, so you knew it was legit. I wish I could say the same about my arteries – nurse Kate took my vitals before the “procedure” and things aren’t looking so good. But I digress.

The injection was flawless – didn’t hurt at all. Nurse Kate stuck the landing. After not passing out (#hardcore) I made my way over to the “Hangover Bar” with the IV port in my arm. I was hooked up to my saline drip and got down to business. As our “real life trauma nurse” (her words, not mine) jammed needles into my friends arms, I watched as fluid replenished my soul … and asked dumb questions like “is this covered under Obamacare” (spoiler: it is not) and “who is the most famous person to ever get this done? (nurse Kate was a real G and stayed silent). I’m going to assume it was Burt Reynolds though …

After a few minutes of presumably making sure my body took to this hangover antidote, our fearless medically certified professional injected the bag with a hangover potion of my choosing – I went with the “Headache Cure.” The other option was “Nausea Nectar.” Over the next few minutes my “drip” bag was injected with other elixirs such as B-complex, Taurine and Magnesium. You aren’t getting that in hair of the dog.

So I bet you’re wondering how I felt …

Well, I’m glad you asked. As our miracle worker patched up my arm and sent me on my way, she told me to give it a few hours to really kick in. Two hours later, I didn’t feel 100% cured on my hangover, but I felt better than I have in at least the last 5 years in a post-debauchery state. I had no headache to to speak over, didn’t feel achy and didn’t completely hate me life. So, does this sh*t work? Yes, yes it does. 

Bottom line: It is by far the closest you can get to an actual hangover cure.