What’s Aqib Talib’s Move Right Now?

Aqib Talib had some words for Harry Douglas after his hit on Chris Harris last Sunday. First, let’s go to the tape. The hit: I’m not a doctor, but...

Aqib Talib had some words for Harry Douglas after his hit on Chris Harris last Sunday. First, let’s go to the tape. The hit:

I’m not a doctor, but I did study for the MCAT once so essentially I’m a doctor. That’s a classic lateral blow to a fixed knee. Could’ve torn his ACL, MCL and Meniscus. In the medical field we call that the unhappy triad*. Mike Pereira has said the hit wasn’t illegal, which is fine, but Aqib Talib did have some things to say about it

His response:





I love Talib’s response for one reason: he didn’t take the hit. Nothing gets me as amped as teammates having each other’s backs. I love Talib going to bat for Harris. Unfortunately, it does kind of back him into a corner. It leaves us asking an interesting question, what does Talib do now? let’s take a look:

Nothing -120:

Smart money lies here. Unless the playoff picture is flipped on it’s head, Harry Douglas and Aqib Talib won’t be on the same field again for the rest of the season, so realistically what will Talib do? I don’t love the idea of Douglas getting away with this. It’s unlikely there will be a fine, no penalty was called. This was a dirty, dangerous hit. If nothing else comes from this Douglas gets to walk away as if nothing happened. It’s lame, but definitely the favorite.

Something Horrifying +400:

Let me get this out of the way. I am absolutely, 100%, not endorsing something horrifying to happen. I DO think there should be some retribution, but I’d prefer if it didn’t make me gasp and regret writing this paragraph. Talib’s been in some fights and has a number of alleged assaults. Not the course of action I’m hoping for, but there’s at least a small chance we’ll be cringing at a headline in a couple weeks.

Prank War +1,000:

Let’s not overlook a good old fashioned prank war. Harry Douglas gets his cleats tied together. Someone slips some PEDs in Aqib’s drink. Fire-ants in the helmet. Options are endless. This is the direction that I’d go, but that’s probably why they’re playing in the NFL and I haven’t recovered from a lower back injury playing intramural dodgeball last Wednesday

They Get Married +50,000:

I don’t know about you guys, but I hear the faint sound of wedding bells. You see that glimmer in Aqib’s eyes when he talked about Douglas? They say hatred is a close friend of love. I feel like this could be the beginning of something truly beautiful. Only problem is I feel like Talib wants a big ballroom wedding and Douglas would be happy with just some family and friends in the forest or something.

I’ve talked myself into marriage at +50,000, hopefully that makes me the best man when it happens.

*h/t to my orthopedist brother for the medical terminology here. That’s called gaining credibility.

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