What’s your worst (career-related) social media f*ck up?

Anthony Weiner is a first ballot career-related social-media-fuck-up Hall of Famer. And you bet your ass the master mind behind TayTweets (remember the bigoted Twitter bot that Microsoft invented to unknowingly spam the world with Trump quotes?) is on the ballot. Then there’s that time Bill Cosby asked the world to meme his sexually deviant self. Bad move, Bill.

We’re looking to power rank THE PEOPLE’S (that’s you) career related social media fuck ups. The best one gets an ER prize pack.

Still confused? Here is what we’re looking for …

  • “Sent a dick pic at 2AM to my manager named Amanda instead of my friend with benefits Amanda.”
  • “Didn’t get the job because of a video of me doing a strikeout on Facebook Live.”
  • “LinkedIn creeped on the cute guy 3 cubes down and he saw. Have a meeting with HR tomorrow.”
  • “Accidentally double-tapped an Instagram picture of the intern … from high school.”
  • “Didn’t accept my bosses friend request, she mentioned it in my year-end review.”

Sooo .. share below or hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to share your best story.