KFC’s New Item the “Chizza” is an Absolute Disgrace

If you purchase this product, we cannot be friends

So I was perusing Twitter today while taking a shit like most men do (girls don’t poop guys, remember that) and I came across this video from the KFC of Singapore account of a new product called “The Chizza”.  Let’s take a look.

Are you all puking? Because I sure am.

Let’s break this down though.

  1. You could be doing worse than ordering from KFC, I am not taking the moral high ground on that at all.  That Double-Down sandwich and the KFC Famous Bowl  hold a near and dear  place to my heart.
  2. Would you trust pizza sauce from a fried chicken chain? I sure as hell do not. Yo, I don’t even buy jarred sauce from the supermarket.  Maybe that’s the true Sicilian in me where I make my own sauce all the time but still.
  3. What in the hell is “Sliced Chicken Ham” and why is it going on this dish. Why not just say ham? Also, I am not a fan of ham on pizza, I think it’s trashy.  Does ham and chicken go well together anyways? Can’t say I’ve used them together..
  4. To make matters even worse, they fucking put pineapple chunks on it! WHY DO PEOPLE INSIST ON DOING THAT! Pineapples are maybe the worst item of food you can put on a pizza.  Lemme guess, y’all are gonna dip this in ranch too? Fucking savages.
  5. Lastly, they squirt some fucking cheese-whizz on top before they bake it like it’s fucking cheesesteak from Philly. Not to say I don’t enjoy that, but I firmly believe it should stay on the streets of Philly and not in KFC kitchens around the globe

I hope this is a PSA to all that you do not purchase this product, if it ever makes it over to the USofA.  I also hope this serves as a PSA to not order pizza with pineapples on it; if you do, then we cannot be pals.

Hey Trump, make sure it doesn’t, k thnx dude.


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