Lessons from the Undead: The Santa Clarita Diet

Less than five minutes in, there was projectile vomit EVERYWHERE.

I have a very carefully curated Netflix feed. I have dedicated myself to watching 99% terrible chick flicks and 1% general motivational feel good dance movies. So when my apple TV remote was on its last leg last weekend, I was so happy just to make it to the “Suggested for You” home screen that I didn’t bother to read the description of the first show that popped up (Santa Clarita Diet). I saw Drew Barrymore, point, clicked, and shot.

Less than five minutes in, there was projectile vomit EVERYWHERE.

Under normal circumstances, that shit would have gotten turned off immediately. But the remote chose this moment to die a very dramatic death, so I pressed on as any millennial committed to their couch would in the same situation.

I embraced my long lost love for Sweeney Todd, and finished the entire series. And you know what? It was worth it. This show is more than a feel good, dark zombie comedy; it gives us life lessons in a nontraditional format. I’ll let you watch for yourself, but here’s a few quick hits on what you’ll take away after season one.


Live your best life. At the beginning of the show we’re introduced to two uptight parents who find more satisfaction in green juice than in morning sex. When Sheila (Drew Barrymore) transforms into an undead, she embraces her id and does what feels good. Now, I’m not encouraging you to go out and buy a Land Rover on a teacher’s salary, but there’s something to be said for occasionally setting aside your personal constraints to live more in the moment. Happiness > Wealth.


Shit gets weird. 

We’re taught by society that we will grow up, get a job, fall in love, get married, and have babies……How’s that working out for y’all so far?

You’re probably not going to turn into a zombie anytime soon (God willing and the creek don’t rise), but you will undoubtedly be thrown some curve balls in this life. There’s this incredible scene where Joel (Timothy Olyphant) and his daughter Abby (Liv Hewson) are screaming on top of a mountain due to the craziness of their situation.

Things happen, you cope the best way you can, and you deal with the situation.


Relationships are hard. 

Sheila and Joel were high school sweethearts; in episode one alone we see their relationship be tested by jealousy, infidelity, murder, and parenting a teenager. But these two don’t run for the divorce court, they work as a team and decide together what to do. “The Santa Clarita Diet” doesn’t glamourize any part of relationships, like most other shows, and this real life human thanks them for it.



The unsung hero of this show is the 16-year-old comic con-going neighbor boy (Skyler Gisondo). He diagnoses Sheila’s condition, supports Abby, and even helps hide bodies. Just a friendly reminder to respect your lab partner, they may save your undead mom one day.


If you don’t like someone, kill them.


Kind of.

Whether you enjoy non-traditional life lesson consumption, or find gory moments hilarious, this show is amazing. With a talented cast and a fresh plot line, “The Santa Clarita Diet” can fill your entire weekend Netflix lineup and keep you gagging at the same time.

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