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How to Leverage Your Way into a Promotion

I recently decided I can no longer wake up every morning and go to work and pretend everything is fine and that I still love my job the way I did when I started two years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I actually do have a badass job, and I guess you could say that “in theory” I love my job but “in practice” I do not. It was more the day-to-day stuff that was slowly killing me, rather than the big picture stuff- which is something I love to be a part of. So anyway, long story short, instead of attempting to kill myself I just put my career on the line to hopefully shake things up in the workplace.

Here are 5 things to know before trying to leverage your way into a promotion:

The Proof is in the Pudding

Document everything. You can’t walk into a meeting with your boss and just say you want a promotion because “you work really hard and you deserve it.” No one cares what you want. You’re gonna have to prove everything you’re saying. Building your case may take months, it’s not gonna happen overnight. Start screen shotting all the compliments and shout-outs you get from co-workers, colleagues, management, clients, etc. so you can walk into this meeting with a stack of proof that’s deep like the Pacific (10,924 meters). This part may not be fun, but if you’re going into a meeting to lay your job on the line you better have enough evidence to back it up.


Know your Worth

If you’re clearly a disposable employee, this isn’t your move. If management is Beyoncé and they “could have another you in a minute” just keep waking up every day and going to work. Shh, you will be ok. Leveraging your way into a promotion or a raise is definitely a move reserved for the heavy hitters. How do you know if you’re an MVP? Well, if you’re not sure, then you aren’t one. It’s like a secret high-society club that you only know about once you’re in it. V exclusive.



But first, a Zack Morris timeout.

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You’re Putting a Target on Your Back

Not only do you need to go into the meeting with evidence that you’re deserving of what you’re asking, you’ll need to continue to prove it. Once you’ve brought this up and word gets around to the higher ups , you can bet your bottom dollar that folks are watching you. You better be able to keep up the stellar performance when all eyes are on you. It’s game time- and we’re under the lights tonight.

game time

Make Sure Your Words Aren’t Empty

If you say you need things to change and you’ll apply elsewhere/leave if they don’t, then apply for other jobs. Don’t just say you’ll do something, follow through. If you back up your “threats” with actions, you’ll be taken more seriously. They’ll like seeing you make moves and also will feel more pressure to make a decision and get you to stay.

Be Prepared to Actually Leave

Just like a girl giving her boyfriend an ultimatum to marry her or get out, you have to be prepared for the moment when he actually might dump you. I mean hopefully he doesn’t, and y’all can live happily ever after, but moves like this are risky and you have be prepared to handle any scenario that may result.


I think it’s obvious by the fact that I wrote this article, that things worked out well for me. If they hadn’t gone so well I would likely be too embarrassed to ever admit that I did this (and crying, alone, unemployed, and likely homeless v soon). So if you read this article and nodded along the whole way and still feel ready to walk into that meeting then congrats my friend and best of luck to you in your future endeavors. But if you read this article and realized how entirely mediocre you are then you just keep on keepin’ on Revelers..