McDonald’s is Accepting Job Applications via Snapchat and Society Has Hit a New Low

McDonald’s is now accepting Snapchats as job applications via Business Insider: 

“McDonald’s is using Snapchat to hire job applicants in Australia.

The fast-food chain is asking applicants to send them a 10-second Snapchat video using a filter that shows them wearing a McDonald’s uniform.”

What a time to be alive. An app developed predominantly to send pictures of your genitals without repercussions can be used to apply for a job. The game done changed. 

ITT Tech Graduates rejoice, your path to a life of mediocrity is paved with gold(en arches)! I’m struggling to decide who the culprit, or the hamburglar (ok, I’m done) if you will, is in the precarious situation …

  • McDonald’s: They either hired a 14-year-old girl to head up their recruiting department or they literally just said “fuck it, what’s the worst that could happen, now let’s go shotgun a Fosters.”
  • The Prospective Employee: Your “Snaplication”, as the witty bastards over at the home of the Big Mac dubbed it, is basically just a filter showing you in a McDonald’s uniform. This should be something used in schools to scare kids straight, not encourage you to give up your dreams of being a WalMart greeter and aspire to be to be fryolator of the month.

I get it, a job, is a job is a job and putting food on the table for your family is important yadda, yadda, yadda, but for the love of God have some respect for the game.

This is a slippery slope. Where does the madness end? Is Snapchat doing to resumes what hoodies did to cheap Jos. A Bank suits? What’s next? Call me old fashioned but there’s a sexiness to the chase. It’s a right of passage to have to replace the hiring managers name on the standardized cover letter you got from during college and send it to a  recruiter who doesn’t read it. And there’s something to be said for lying about your Access skills on your resume.

But realistically, at the end of the day I’m probably just bitter that my sorry ass had to go through the ringer during my interview processes and am subject to everything short of a full cavity search. Whether I like it or not the game is changing and I can adapt or just be a bitter old man who shakes his fist at the cloud and disregards change until my grandkids put me in a home.