Finally There is Technology to Escape Unwanted Office Small Talk

Every so often a new bit of technology comes along that is truly a game changer. The DVR helped get rid of pesky commercials. Uber and Lyft have revolutionized the way we get places. And now comes the Nope Button, quite possibly the most important technological advancement in the history of the world. Have you ever been at your desk and  Mark from down the hall comes over? You know, the guy who goes on and on about his 35 and over mens basketball league? Well, the Nope Button is here to save you from Mark and his ilk.

What is the Nope Button?

nope button

Like I said, the Nope Button is the most important invention of my lifetime. All kidding aside, it is a Google Chrome extension created by Breather, the AirBnB of workspaces. The button helps you get out of those awkwardly awful cubicle conversations by calling your phone. When you pick up, there is a recording on the other end that helps you get out of your horrible conversation. It gives you prompts to act concerned at first, then to point at the phone in jest and finally, if your co-worker still hasn’t got the hint, has you say “Of course I can talk somewhere private” before you walk away. You should always have the cursor by the button because Nancy from Accounting is just a few steps away with pictures from her 6 year old nephews play.

How To Get It

All you have to do to get this lovely invention is go to and download it onto your address bar. A little green “N” will pop up. Click on it and enter your phone number. It is that simple. In less than 60 seconds, this extension will change your life. Just don’t forget to thank me.


You can get out of unwanted work conversations any time you want. That’s enough for me. Asking for anything else is just being greedy.


Do not use when you are talking to your boss. Not sure they will like you answering the phone while they go over how they are making your life miserable. Too much use will make everyone suspicious of you. You also have to pick up the phone when it rings, which is something I haven’t done in two years. These are just minor setbacks on your path to workplace silence.

The workday is long enough without your co-workers boring you to death with tales of their stupid lives. Saying yes to the Nope Button will help you in a pinch.