Ballin’ on a Budget- RompHim: May or Nay?

How "Fashion-Forward" are you willing to push yourself in order for your junk to look better?

In a special edition of this month’s BOAB, I’m going to tackle what may be the most polarizing, most controversial, and arguably the most confusing dilemma facing men today: Male Rompers or “RompHims”.

If you’re sitting at work reading this like, “what the fuck? Male rompers? This can’t be a thing? Can it?!”

Oh- it can, it is, and it is ROLLING.

For a little background, ACED Design, basically 4 business school kids, decided over drinks (because that’s obviously where ALL billion dollar ideas are thrown around) that a male romper, or “RompHim” would be a a genius idea. The RompHim would be an article of male clothing that is just the right combination of frat, basic, and runway (tl; dr “Fashion Forward”) while not sacrificing comfort, fit, and versatility (tl; dr “Stretchy enough for post-brunch mimosa bloating”).

Eventually, they decided to set up a Kickstarter in order to raise money for the RompHims – and holy shit, have they raised money. At about 4:00pm CST today, the Kickstart was at around $78,000.00. Right now, as I’m writing this, it’s 9:40 CST, and the Kickstarter is currently up to $107,600.20…on a $10,000.00 goal. Needless to say, they’ve got some support, and it has spread as far as South Korea and the Philippines.

Whether you are a guy or a girl, there’s no doubt the look on your face right now is some weird mix of shock and confusion, probably a lot of disgust, but mostly- self-loathing curiosity. That’s totally normal. In no world did I ever believe something like this would potentially grace a man’s closet one day. Then again, if the guy from The Apprentice can be President, I guess anything is possible, right?

Anyway- objectively speaking, as a heterosexual male, if a gal can rock a romper, she’s more attractive in my book than a girl who might stick with the old faithful shorts and a top. However, this is unchartered territory for men. Will your girlfriend feel like she can introduce you to her Tony Soprano-like father while wearing a pastel-colored RompHim? Will her Budweiser-drinking, camouflage wearing brother feel like he’d want to take you hunting? These are both legitimate questions that rocking the RompHim can pose.

I can’t say I’ve made my decision on how I feel about the RompHim just yet. I’ve had about five people over the past few days ask me when and how many of these I’m ordering, but this RompHim is just so vastly different than my casual 5” inseam shorts and Polo that I just couldn’t give them the answer they were ready to hear. With that said- I think it’s only fair we decide how to feel about the RompHim together, by participating in the most full-proof, Ted Mosby-approved way I know how: A short list of Pros and Cons.


“Fashion Forward”

If there is one thing the RompHim is, it is absolutely, positively fashion forward; hell, it might even be fashion fucking future. At a point, fashion does have to change. Twenty years ago, the idea of a man wearing a romper is something you think you would have seen Derek Zoolander or Hansel (SO hot right now) rock during a Mugatu fashion campaign. But- the fact of the matter is, the shorts and a polo / button-down tucked in, while classic IMO, is something which will transcend time, but it’ll never be something which sticks out in a crowd and makes people say “Wow” in ANY context. The RompHim will do just that by taking your favorite button down patterns and short prints, and making them into ONE, singular article of clothing. WOW!

Two for One

While the RompHim isn’t currently available, it is my understanding that we’re looking at a $90.00 pricepoint for your everyday, run of the mill RompHim (Sorry if this turns out to be #fakenews). That’s pretty BOAB if you ask me. You’re getting the equivalent of a short-sleeved button down with a reasonably short inseam bottom for what equals out to $45 a piece. That tends to be about what we normally pay for a Polo and shorts combo. The only difference here is that you really are going to be going for more of that fashion forward look, which you’d think may cost you an arm and a leg, but I firmly believe $90.00 is a reasonable price for this magnificent atrocity.

PS- Allegedly, your junk also looks great in them, so if that’s actually true, obviously added pro here.


Lack of Convenience

Societal observations and conquests have shown me that rompers do not look like they are easy to put on or take off……I’ve heard….and seen on TV….and in movies? Yeah, let’s roll with that. Regardless, even back in my Abercrombie-wearing days, I refused to wear the pants that used extra buttons instead of the standard zipper. It looks like most of the RompHim styles will have built in zippers, but there’s no doubt you’ll most likely have to pay extra for the convenience, so this takes away from the reasonable price outlined above. But hey- you get what you pay for right? An extra $10-$20 so you don’t take an extra 15 minutes in the bathroom? Worth it.

Overall style

The RompHim is a glorified onesie. Yes- I said it. While we all sit here and think that in a perfect world, we’d literally love to just go out and be as comfortable as possible, and while a onesie most likely accomplishes that, it’s a fashion-travesty. It’s one article of clothing which covers your entire body. I don’t understand it honestly. Are we so immature in our mid-late 20’s that we’re looking to revert back to a style which we, not by choice, rocked to sleep when we were 4 years old? I completely understand that you might read this as a contradiction of the statement I made above about women looking good in rompers. Let me be clear, the way women’s rompers are made are different material, maybe different patterns, and just different styles overall that I think fit a woman’s body better. It just looks like the RompHims won’t flatter a non-jacked man’s body based on how they’re made.

Even after this short pros and cons list- I’m still completely torn on the RompHim. However, the truth is that I don’t think I’ll be one to start the trend in my current city. Whether you like it or not and whether you even believe me or not at this point, you know for DAMN sure, the minute you see Leo or Timberlake or The Rock or McConaughey or ZeFron rocking a RompHim, you’re going to order two and pretend you were on this train before it even left the station, myself included.

PS- At the closing of the post, the Kickstarter is now up to $121.973.00.


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